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SingMeng Telemedia leading you into new digital era

For Cambodian consumers, the market for Internet service and television can be dizzying, with every company seemingly offering similar products. SingMeng Telemedia, however, is giving its customers an innovative One-stop Triple Play solution focusing on quality of experience, says Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sarah Wang, and it is set to launch the first 4K Ultra High-Definition (UHD) television service in the country next month.

Sing Meng the best interactive TV system for luxury spaces in Cambodia

The past few years have witnessed an insane amount of developments being built. This means the luxury market is growing stronger. These properties need top-of-the-line services to offer their customers. Julien Lussiez, acting head of marketing for SingMeng Telemedia, stated that new and innovative solutions are needed to meet this fresh demand.

SingMeng Q&A: Technology & Telecoms

B2B Cambodia recently caught up with Singapore-based multimedia service provider SingMeng Telemedia, formerly known as SuperNet, to find out about the industry they work within, the changes and challenges they face, and the future of multimedia in Cambodia.

Sing Meng offers Cambodia’s first three-in-one telecom bundle

SingMeng Telemedia was the first company in the Kingdom to launch a Triple Play Solution. The three-in-one bundle has already turned the heads of hotels, condos and other local businesses. Launched in 2017, the Triple Play bundled internet, television and telephone service into one package. Behind the scenes, the program was based on brand new infrastructure of optical fiber, which replaced an outdated system and brought SingMeng Telemedia to the forefront of the industry.

SingMeng acquires Digi Business, reform Broadband and Digital Entertainment market in Cambodia

Digi is announcing its operation merge with SingMeng Telemedia. The planned united operation will be from 1st October, 2018. These two well-known providers are collaborating to create a leading service provider in the Kingdom of Cambodia that provides a diverse range of premier services across the country including broadband Internet, TV, entertainment, Mobile TV & Movie, voice and smart enterprise solutions.